Culinary Medicine -What is it? Where are Some Good Resources & Recipes

Culinary medicine explores the links between food and health, applying the foundations of nutritional science side-by-side with traditional medical interventions in clinical care.

Here is one good working definitionCulinary medicine is an emerging field: it is a new educational and nutritional approach to improving eating behaviors, focusing on skills such as food shopping, storage, and meal preparation. There are many other definitions by colleges, universities, and professional organizations.

Culinary is not easy to define because it is an experience drawing from many fields. An article in Psychology today describes the nuances in this field.

Many healthcare institutions, as the University of Michigan, have culinary medicine centers with a multidisciplinary approach. Included are academic specialties/departments (as public health, cardiovascular medicine) and kitchens for teaching and hands on learning.

Want to make culinary medicine more effective in your life? Consult with a licensed nutritionist, primary healthcare provider, or licensed healthcare specialist for your specific needs.

These are not endorsements, but included for informational purposes only.
Culinary Medicine Practitioners are now certified specialists for those who are clinicians. Culinary Medicine electives are offered at some medical schools. Culinary Medicine Coach diplomas are offered online.


Below is a sampling of related books and resources. Check with your local public library for more information.
Also many public and some private colleges/universities will answer reference questions and may even allow for using their resources in person. Call ahead!

ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine  by John La Puma, MD. 320 pages. 2018

This was the only book found at, the voluntary holdings of libraries worldwide.

Can Cooking Classes Keep Chronic Heart Failure Patients Out Of The Hospital? NPR. 2018

Culinary Medicine and Nature: Foods That Work Together -Several practical ways to enjoy culinary medicine in your kitchen, garden, food market and office. Includes specific examples of what foods to combine for maximum benefit as olive oil and tomatoes. 4 pages with references. 2020

Culinary – Recipes, videos, and handouts. George Washington University.

Culinary Medicine – Resources for Patients and Clinicians – recipes and videos

The Art of Cooking for Health – Overview of culinary medicine

Author: Janice Flahiff

My professional work experience and education includes over 20 years experience as a medical librarian and a Master’s Degree in Library Science. In my most recent position I enjoyed contributing to our library’s blog, performing in depth literature searches, and collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and the general public.

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