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Masculine Traits Linked to Better Parenting For Some Dads

From the 9th April 2021 article in Neuroscience News “Summary: Some traditional masculine stereotypes, such as being adventurous and competitive, were linked to being better fathers to infant children. This is especially true if men also adopt a nurturing role. However, one trait, hostile sexism, was not linked to improvements in parenting skills.“ ““These men are … Continue reading “Masculine Traits Linked to Better Parenting For Some Dads”

Making wheat and peanuts less allergenic

From the 25 January 2021 article in American Society of Agrinomics Excerpts“Rustgi and his colleagues are using plant breeding and genetic engineering to develop less allergenic varieties of wheat and peanuts. Their goal is to increase food options for people with allergies. For wheat, researchers focus on a group of proteins, called gluten. The gluten … Continue reading “Making wheat and peanuts less allergenic”